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Commercial transactions such as the sale of goods always seem simple until something goes wrong. By necessity, these transactions are frequently informal and not always memorialized in writing. Thus, when a disagreement arises, the respective rights and duties of the involved parties are not always clear. The Chicago commercial lawyers of the Clinton Law Firm have more than 50 years of combined experience dealing with the complex rules that govern commercial transactions. We understand the realities of the business world and work to help our clients resolve commercial disputes favorably and efficiently. But we stand ready to aggressively litigate when it is necessary to protect our clients’ interests.

How Commercial Transactions Work

Commercial lawyers in Chicago know that it is basically impossible for businesses to memorialize every agreement in detailed writing. Companies frequently rely on form agreements to save time and money, but this can lead to ambiguities and differences of opinion between the parties. Even more problematic, many transactions involve no written contract, leaving the parties to rely only on their experiences of past dealings and the norms within their industries. Chicago commercial litigation attorneys frequently see these disputes get out of control and ruin previously harmonious business relationships:

  • Contract disputes
  • Warranty disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Price disputes
  • Liability for damaged products
  • Refusal to pay
Resolving Commercial Disputes

Resolving commercial disputes can be a delicate matter, especially in cases where the client is concerned about preserving the underlying business relationship. Our Chicago commercial attorneys encourage negotiated resolutions whenever practical. But we recognize that this may not be possible in all cases. As Chicago business collection lawyers, we pursue customers who have refused to pay for services rendered or goods delivered by our clients. Our Chicago business tort attorneys also pursue those who have wrongfully interfered with our clients’ existing business relationships or otherwise engaged in unfair commercial conduct.

Our Attorneys Have Helped Resolve Commercial Disputes for 20 Years

The Clinton Law Firm has served business clients of all types and sizes in Illinois since 1992. Our Chicago commercial attorneys are prepared to offer effective counsel and representation for a variety of commercial and business issues. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case with a knowledgeable Chicago business law attorney, call us at 312.357.1515 or contact us online today.

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