Commercial Real Estate Disputes

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Real estate is governed by complex, esoteric and even archaic laws, and real estate transactions frequently require lengthy and complicated contracts, especially when dealing with commercial property. And because real estate is frequently the most valuable asset a business owns, a conflict involving commercial real estate can have a huge financial impact. For these reasons, Illinois businesses are well advised to seek competent legal representation at the first sign of trouble. The Chicago real estate litigation lawyers of the Clinton Law Firm have 50 years of combined experience in business law practice, including litigation of complex real estate disputes. Our goal is to offer cost-effective and goal-oriented real estate litigation services tailored to business clients’ individual requirements.

Commercial real estate litigation issues

Real estate disputes come in a variety of forms. Every Chicago landlord and tenant dispute attorney is familiar with the conflicts that can arise from complex commercial leases. These leases generally allow tenants a great deal of authority over the leased property, and commercial operations they carry out on the premises can impact the future value of the landlord’s property.

Another common type of dispute arises from the breach of contract for the sale or development of land. These contracts often contain numerous timelines and contingencies to protect the parties from substantial financial damage. If these are not met, an experienced Chicago breach of contract attorney may be necessary to sort out the disputes and determine the respective rights of the parties.

Commercial property owners and tenants may face resistance from neighboring property owners stemming from zoning ordinances, common law nuisance and other regulatory requirements. Litigation can also arise from title problems such as old easements, covenants or deeds. These issues can seriously impact the usability, value and marketability of real properties. The Chicago commercial real estate disputes attorneys of the Clinton Law Firm have the legal knowledge and practical experience to resolve these disputes in a sensible and efficient manner.

We understand and resolve commercial real estate disputes

Since 1992, the Clinton Law Firm has cultivated respect among the Chicago business community as a reliable source of high quality and cost-effective legal service. We understand the numerous issues that tenants and owners of commercial real estate can face. We make it our priority to save our business clients time and money by resolving these disputes in a practical and beneficial manner. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case with a knowledgeable Chicago business law attorney, call us at 312.357.1515 or contact us online today.

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