Ethical Violations

Chicago Legal Malpractice Lawsuits for Unethical Conduct

Holding Illinois professionals to high standards

Attorneys have heavy responsibilities. They have a duty to be competent and diligent and to always act in the best interests of their clients. Attorneys who fail to live up to these standards may be subject to professional discipline. When the ethical missteps of attorneys harm their clients, Chicago legal malpractice lawsuits may result. The seasoned attorneys at the Clinton Law Firm are dedicated to promoting high ethical standards and holding our colleagues accountable for ethical lapses.

Ethical violations and malpractice suits

The Illinois Supreme Court described the duty attorneys owe to their clients quite succinctly in 1870: “Where a person adopts the profession of the law, if he assumes to exercise the duties in behalf of another, for hire and reward, he must be held to employ in his undertaking, a reasonable degree of care and skill.”

Lawyers are also subject to the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules govern the conduct of lawyers and require them to be competent, to make certain disclosures involving legal fees to clients, to keep client confidences secret and to tell the truth to third parties and to courts. Violations of these rules may subject lawyers to professional discipline by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission (IARDC) but may not always be grounds for a Chicago legal malpractice lawsuit. The requirement that the plaintiff demonstrate some provable harm applies.

When such harm can be proved to result from a lawyer’s violation of these rules, a legal malpractice lawsuit attorney in Chicago has a strong basis for recovering compensation for the client. Much in the same way that violating a traffic law can create a presumption that a driver’s negligence caused a car accident, violations of ethical rules that bear a causal connection to the harm suffered by a client create a strong presumption that the defendant attorney acted outside the reasonable bounds of the profession.

We are dedicated to high ethical standards in legal practice

The Clinton Law Firm has been a fixture of the Chicago legal community for two decades. We take our ethical obligations very seriously and hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in legal practice. We earnestly believe that our colleagues should do the same and advocate for individuals and businesses harmed by the ethical transgressions of other attorneys. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case with a knowledgeable Chicago business law attorney, call us at 312.357.1515 or contact us online today.

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