Malpractice in Corporate or Real Estate Transactions

Chicago Transactional Malpractice AttorneysAdvocating for clients who received bad advice during transactions

When Chicago businesses and individuals entrust their most important transactions — whether a real estate sale, a development project or administration of a trust or estate — to an attorney, they rightfully expect capable, professional service. While not as glamorous as litigation, such transactions can be just as important and just as demanding. Attorneys who advise and assist clients in these matters must meet high standards of competence and diligence. When they do not, the financial damage to their clients can be catastrophic. The experienced transactional malpractice attorneys in Chicago at the Clinton Law Firm have a 20-year history of helping clients hold their attorneys accountable for their damages. We also believe in advocating for conscientious attorneys and have defended many legal professionals in Chicago against allegations of malpractice.

Legal malpractice in corporate and real estate transactions

Malpractice does occur outside the context of litigation. But when litigation is not involved, it can be more difficult to prove that the lawyer’s breach of duty caused the client’s injury. Nevertheless, there are many ways in which an attorney can breach his or her duty of care during a transactional matter:

  • Failure to obtain clear title to real estate
  • Failure to file estate tax returns in a timely manner
  • Failure to investigate factual statements of the client or third parties
  • Breach of fiduciary duty in managing a trust or estate
  • Failure to follow client instructions
  • Negligence in the drafting or negotiation of contracts
  • Negligence in the drafting of estate planning documents
  • Failure to timely open an estate

Simple dissatisfaction does not necessarily amount to legal malpractice. The Clinton Law Firm recommends that individuals and businesses obtain experienced counsel to determine if the bad result they experienced was malpractice or just a bad result. Lawyers at the firm have extensive experience in evaluating legal malpractice claims.

We strive to promote trust and quality in the legal profession

As transactional lawyers with more than 50 years of combined experience, the attorneys of the Clinton Law Firm know what types of conduct are within the realm of reasonable legal practice. When attorneys take action or offer advice that does not meet these standards, we stand ready to hold them accountable on behalf of the clients they injured. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case with a knowledgeable Chicago business law attorney, call us at 312.357.1515 or contact us online today.

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