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The securities industry has received a great deal of attention over the last several years. Problems on Wall Street have led many people to take a more active role in their investments and to demand more of their brokers and others in the securities industry. The Chicago securities lawyers of the Clinton Law Firm understand how taxing securities disputes can be on financial professionals and their businesses. Our securities disputes attorneys in Chicago keep up with the latest developments in securities dispute resolution. We strive for mutually beneficial resolutions to securities disputes, but are also prepared to vigorously defend our clients’ good names when threatened by the opposition.

How securities dispute resolution works

As securities disputes have become more common, courts have increasingly turned to dispute resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration that address investors’ grievances while controlling the litigation burden on the financial services industry. A Chicago commercial litigation attorney may use these processes to resolve commercial disputes without the expense of court.

Mediation is a dispute resolution method in which both parties sit down with an impartial mediator to present their cases and arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. Chicago securities dispute lawyers may represent them or they may represent themselves. The mediator does not decide who is right or force the parties into an agreement, but simply facilitates the resolution.

Arbitration is a very different approach Chicago securities disputes attorneys may favor in more contentious situations. Each party presents its case and evidence to an impartial panel of arbitrators who weigh the facts and make a judgment. Several organizations and individual stock exchanges formerly had their own systems in place for securities arbitration. These are now consolidated under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Of course, litigation is still sometimes necessary and the Chicago securities litigation attorneys of the Clinton Law Firm stand ready to assist clients when that is the case.

We resolve securities disputes with efficiency

The Clinton Law Firm has spent 20 years helping businesses and financial professionals throughout Illinois efficiently resolve securities disputes. A Chicago shareholder disputes attorney from our firm can help corporations address shareholder concerns before they get out of control. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case with a knowledgeable Chicago business law attorney, call us at 312.357.1515 or contact us online today.

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